Joint projects

in the BMBF funding measure ReWaM

the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has launched the funding measure “Regional Water Resources Management for Sustainable Protection of Waters in Germany” (ReWaM). Till 2018, the BMBF is funding 15 joint projects and an associated networking and transfer project. ReWaM is part of the BMBF funding priority “Sustainable Water Management” (NaWaM) within the framework programme “Research for Sustainable Development” (FONA3).


BOOT-Monitoring: Boat-based measurement system to map the longitudinal morphometry, water quality and hydrology profiles of rivers as part of an integrated river monitoring system ReWaM - Verbundprojekt BOOT-Monitoring


CYAQUATA: Study of the interrelation between toxin-producing cyanobacteria and water quality in reservoirs and development of a sustainable management strategy ReWaM - Verbundprojekt CYAQUATA


FLUSSHYGIENE: Hygienically relevant microorganisms and pathogens in multi-functional rivers and water cycles – sustainable management of different types of rivers in Germany ReWaM - Verbundprojekt FLUSSHYGIENE


GroundCare: Parameterisation and quantification of groundwater ecosystem services as a basis for sustainable management ReWaM - Verbundprojekt GroundCare


HyMoBioStrategie: Impact of the hydromorphological changes of lakeshores (Lake Constance) on the sediment budget, submerged macrophytes and macro-invertebrate communities with the goal of optimising mitigation strategies ReWaM - Verbundprojekt HyMoBioStrategie


In_StröHmunG: Innovative systems solutions for transdisciplinary and regional ecological flood risk management and natural watercourse development ReWaM - In_StröHmunG


KOGGE: Mutual development of municipal water bodies in urban areas ReWaM - Verbundprojekt KOGGE


MUTReWa: Measures for a more sustainable management of pesticides and their transformation products in regional water management ReWaM - Verbundprojekt MUTReWa


NiddaMan: Development of a sustainable water resources management using the example of the Nidda catchment ReWaM - Logo Verbundprojekt NiddaMan


PhosWaM: Phosphorus from source to sea – Integrated phosphorus and water resources management for sustainable water protection  


RESI: River Ecosystem Service Index ReWaM - Verbundprojekt RESI


RiverView: River status monitoring and management ReWaM - Verbundprojekt RivverView


SEEZEICHEN: Tracer methods to identify groundwater- and inflow stratification and its impact on water quality and drinking water production ReWaM - Logo des Verbundprojekts SEEZEICHEN in der BMBF-Fördermaßnahme ReWaM


StucK: Safeguarding drainage in coastal urban areas while factoring in climate change Logo - StucK


WaSiG: Water balance in urban areas: planning tools and management concepts wasig_logo_gruen_blau


ReWaMnet: The Networking- and Transfer Project ReWaM ReWaM - Vernetzungs- und Transfervorhaben ReWaMnet